Airplane Photography editing (Need help)

Just updated the photos to your accommodation…

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For some reason it looks dark in some places, but the sky and 777 is quite lit up. I don’t know what it is, maybe too sharp?

I don’t know anything about picture editing, but that looks amazing!

What area particular. Wheels? Undercarriage?

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Last one. Had a little fun with this one. 😉


I feel like the ground is a little dark (or the wrong colour), and the background is quite blurred (including the sky). Just my opinion, it looks great anyway.

I can see where you’re coming from. I appreciate feedback. Feedback is the only way one can improve. Thanks! 👍🏼

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I didn’t crop it because I wanted to leave it as close to how the photo was originally taken… Also, everything you suggested has been fixed when I uploaded it again.

Thank you so much guys! I did find a tutorial and I was able to produce this

These pieces of information did help and I’m thankful for the amount of help I received.

Thanks guys!

i would say, look up videos

Great job! Though I would make the red pop a little bit more.

Not much you can do about graininess (large amount of noise) or blurriness as both are in camera. Even with photo editing both are still very present especially blurriness because that is completely dependent on your camera equipment, camera settings (fast shutter speed), and the photographer’s technique.



Never mind. This was the right version. I cropped it a little.

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well if you want people to edit your photo… aren’t they gonna use your photo?

Well he gave us permission…[quote=“Mr_ATC, post:38, topic:89347, full:true”]

well if you want people to edit your photo… aren’t they gonna use your photo?

It’s can be better interpreted as don’t post the photo he took as your own.


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