Airplane Photography editing (Need help)

Hey guys,

Does anybody in the community have any experience with editing photos to get in website like etc? Ive been trying to get a photo to be uploaded but I haven’t had any luck. I do have photoshop but I don’t really know how to use it.


It was rejected for the following

  • Blurry
  • Dark
  • Grainy
  • Low Contrast

If anyone has any tips, they would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks guys


I know @anon49271947 is very good at photo editing maybe drop him a PM


These are things best fixed when you take the photo. What camera did you use? Sometimes editing can create these issues.

On saying that, this ain’t bad… If you are on a digital camera I suggest knocking the ISO down a touch, reduce the shutter speed and then adjust aperture and other stuff till it looks good.


That’s a decent photo, but could definitely use some editing work. I post my photos on which is basically an alternative for I prefer JetPhotos because pictures are linked to show up on Flightradar24.

I agree with @IceBlue, if you could turn down your ISO a little bit it would result in a clearer shot. Not as much noise, however this can easily be edited in photoshop. The aperature you used is fine for this image. It looks a little soft and contrast is low though. Wing is also cut off and cropping is not even.

If you’d like, I can edit this photo for you to the best of my ability. Send it back in a post here where you can download it and try to resubmit to

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I would put it through Lightroom, what kind of camera are you shooting with?

Here’s what I did, make the colours pop a little more, smoothed out the grain, then sharpened it.

Before and After:

Looks like I was a little too aggressive with the .jpg file. I would suggest shooting in RAW, it will save your life.


I am shooting with a Canon Powershot SX700HS

That would explain the dynamic range issues I was running into when I was trying to pull details out of the picture. Try shooting in RAW, then you can get all kinds of details you didn’t even know you had. Underexpose a little for higher shutter speed and low ISO, then you can make up for the underexposure in post-processing. I can give you some advice for editing RAW shots.

Actually, scratch what I said above, you can’t shoot RAW with your camera, Try shooting in brighter daylight, because those point-and-shoots won’t perform too well in these conditions.

Ok good to know. I have taken more shots in daylight with it but thanks again with editing it. It helps

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Here’s what I did to the picture, follow the steps from the bottom to the top in lightroom and you should be able to replicate what I did up there. Keep in mind that the exposure is still a little low, but I think it sets the mood a little.


Looks fantastic!

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After editing this photo turned out rather nice.

Here’s the original.


A bit too yellow. Turn the saturation down and it would be a lot nicer.


Overprocessed, too much noise, exposure on aircraft is good but background is overexposed. Bottom part looks unnatural. Also, what’s going on near the front of the nose?


Here’s My Attempt…

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Very nice colours, a little too blurred.



Tried keeping some of the natural color that you had. Increased the exposure slightly as well as the brightness. Sharpened the image too. Best of luck on your upload!


that is way too over saturated

Nice edit.

The background is over exposed though, taking away the colors from the sunset. That was one of the best parts of this photo, so you need to take full advantage of it! Sharpen and de-noise it if possible. Also, there’s too much empty space in the top, and a little on the bottom. Try cropping that empty space out hut remember to keep the space even from top to bottom.