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I’ll start with this photo I took on a Boeing 787-8 while flying over the Alps en route from YYZ-TLV on Air Canada


There is such a thing as the #Spotting category where all of these belong. Back in May and June, 4 identical threads to this existed and they have been locked (most have at least) since a category now exists to post a collection of your images in:. In addition, there is a topic for photos out the windows of airplanes or you can make your own topic and post as many of your own images you like in that topic, so we don’t need yet another compilation one, especially one that is general.


Beautiful Sunset on Descent into YYZ on Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER


At KPBI just arived from KJFK and headed right back.

Nice Photo

Thank you :)

My dad took the Concorde one

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My 2 best photo’s

CX889-YVR-HKG. This was taken on decent into Hong Kong

Qantas 747-400. This was taken in Hong Kong as this 747 landed from Sydney

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What is you’re altitude there?! Those flaps should be retracted

In this reply (picture) what was you’re altitude, since Im wondering why the flaps are down!

The flaps are extended because the plane was already on final approach when this picture was taken. When the plane burst out of the clouds we were already on short final

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What an illusion that is. :)

The Flaps were on full before we even went through the clouds

Wow must of been the conditions

It was raining or had just stopped when the plane landed. But the plane made a pretty smooth landings, one of the smoothest I’ve been on.

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The Rockies from an Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER

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This is one I took at O’Hare a few months ago. If you want to see some others go follow @ord_planes_and_aviation on Instagram!


started following you on Instagram :)

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That also goes to KSJC

Also to YYZ