Airplane oscillation (my passengers must be sick!)

I got IF some years back on my old Kindle Fire HD. The experience was not great and I made some disparaging comments…apologies all round.

Got a new Kindle HD Oct 2016 and IF is now great, works a treat, so far. One issue, (I am still learning, having been a long time MSFS player) every plane oscillates on AP, from +100 feet to -100 feet, or even greater in flight.

I have checked the weather settings (no winds, no gusting). I have checked the aircraft configuration etc, all fine.

Could this just be a configuration issue with the Kindle? It doesn’t stop me enjoying IF but it’s not realistic. Is there something I am doing wrong or is there something I could do with configuration on the Kindle.



Do you mean the aircraft rises and drops? What aircraft does this ussually happen in and is it when disabling autopilot?

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As an add on, this is known as ‘porpoising’. I notice that while my instruments show the plane to be bouncing up and down, the outside cameras do not support this, plane is level and stable!

Hi Riley, see my follow on post. The problem is when on AP but the instruments (which show a porpoising effect) are not confirmed by the outside view cameras, where the plane is in a level and stable flight.

So, the instruments tell me one thing but a check of the plane in flight doesn’t appear to confirm that?

I have the same experience and it never used to happen on Infinite Flight. I’ve noticed it on quite a lot of aircraft and I assume it begun on one of the most recent updates.

What speed were you on when this was happening?

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sounds like an old issue that I used to have when I tried to go too fast for the aircraft before I knew any better! However as you arte an experienced MSFS user then you will know not to max out the throttles. Though I haven’t had an issues since last update (B787).

Thanks David, but this isn’t the same issue (I think). In MSFS if you flew a plane beyond it’s envelope, example, too high, wrongly configured, you could see the plane’s flight line via instruments, match the outside camera’s

What I have is the instruments showing serious porpoising that is not matched by the outside cameras…

Cheers, Chris

yes the lack of visible movement seen from an exterior view compared to what the instruments are telling you is confusing…

Good luck in solving it!


Your going too fast slow down.

Are you flying the dash 8 by any chance?

Hi @Chris_Harrison ,
Your isn’t a problem, it’s a type of error that it moves the aircraft while flying,
probably it will be fixed with future updates :)

Hi Brandon, 240 knots in a cleanly configured A310?! 😯

I wish I could fly the Dash, tried it but that plane seems to be the Devils child 😀though some find it no problem.

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Thanks Mattia, that makes sense.

What is your weight? If you have uneven weights throughout the aircraft it may be the problem.

I know lol, cannot handle heavy wind, just wondering because its the one plane I’ve seen that “bounces” when overspeeding. :)

I don’t think we have the A310 in IF mate

OK it was the 318, part of the 310 family, maybe?

This is an A310.

This is an A318, part of the A320 family. There’s a big difference between A310 and A320.