Airplane noes is pointing upwards

Could someone tell me, how i can bring the nose down?

Use trim.

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Thank you i will try it

During cruise it is normal for the plane to pitch up 2-3 degrees.


The aircraft’s autopilot is automatically pointing the nose to the position that generates the most amount of lift I believe.

This is just a guess because the slower you go, the more the nose points up. Adding flaps or increasing speed brings the nose down.


Ah…okay, thank you

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Oh god, please don’t use flaps in cruise! Trim might help, but that is more of an efficiency thing. (Note: to trim in Infinite Flight while on autopilot, just increase trim in either direction until the pink bar in the trim box no longer shows)

As @BennyBoy_Alpha mentioned, it is perfectly normal for aeroplanes to pitch up by 2 or 3 degrees in cruise. this maintains a 4 degree angle of attack with the wings, which is the most efficient position as it offers the highest lift:drag ratio.

in other words, this is nothing to worry about.

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