Airplane movin in reverse

  • Lenovo A7600-F

  • Android KitKat 4.4


  • Android device is rooted with KingoRoot.

  • Airplane is standing on the airfild with throttle set to zero and it starts to move in reverse.

  • Bug happens every time when I start the game.

  • It is possible to lift off, but it is very dificult to fly and land.
    Tried different airplanes and airfields.
    Tried to restart dvice and recalibrate sensors.
    It is always the same.

Checked wind settings? Are you using a pirated version of IF?

IF is legal.
It was wing setting.
Thank you for help.


but your copy of IF is legal?

Max Sez. “Set the Brake”. I’ve experienced the same anomaly with light GA only. Its the wind & the venturey effect, there was a reason we used to call our machines “Kite’s”.