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I just watched the 1980 comedy movie called Airplane. I personally enjoyed the movie for it was fun, even with the unrealism of it. The unrealism made it more funny to me to see the unrealism and how they portray different things in the movie. The ending was a funny scene because on short final it switches from a sort of nose camera to a pilot camera and each time the pilot becomes more and more sweaty.

Also in this scene it shows the gate changing and the passengers moving to the gate which is funny to see as the plane goes farther down the runway. The ending is also very good, when the inflatable auto pilot takes off without any landing gear and then an inflatable women co pilot pops up, and the inflatable pilot winks at them. I overall like this movie and I think it deserves a watch. Let me know what you think.

Hello, you should share below as it’s a pretty active thread. I also love this movie!

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