Airplane manufacturer badges

These badges can be earned just like other badges, but by either asking for them or like pressing a button to get one.

What they look like:

Credit to the GAC

This can be a neat way to express which manufacturer you prefer most.


Aren’t badges a Discourse feature? If they are, we don’t control the creation of badges.

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another forum that (i believe) also uses discourse, made these badges

I see how this can have some fun engagement behind it but it has nothing to do with the actual simulator itself which this forum is focused on.


@Ecoops123 explën



I mean, it’s a neat idea in general, but I find it a bit unnecessary. Not just that, but this will probably will take a tad of extra storage which Infinite Flight is paying for.

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Never said it wasn’t welcome. 🙂
Just stating my opinion and that it doesn’t have anything to do with an Infinite Flight focused forum.
At the end of the day we have to ask ourselves if this is really needed or will benefit user experience on the forum. They can be spending more time working to enhance user experience than worrying about badges in regards to manufacturer opinion and liking. Wouldn’t mind seeing it but is it really needed is the question. :)


This would be up to the staff team, it could be a fun edition and a little addition to the community, however the workload it would bring to moderators and the such would be massive. I can see you’ve brought this from a forum I moderate, and when giving out the badges I have to go into your profile and add the badge all manually. Doing this for such a large forum with about 40,000 isn’t worth such a small badge and touch that won’t really add anything productive to the community.


As much as I like the idea, I don’t see this happening. Like the others said above, it wouldn’t be make sense to do this for 40,000+ people when it adds no benefit. I mean you might as well just write your preferred manufacturer in your bio. 🤷‍♂️

I would also like to take this opportunity to predict Misha’s reply.



I think I speak for everyone in the community, I think it’s a great idea… But I don’t think Misha wants us to start an Airbus vs Boeing fight.


Adding on to the AvB war, it would also be hard knowing what badge all 47.3K people want, and if they opened a thread, every badge they give, 10 more people will be asking.

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Hold up…wheres team Supermarine? I like my Spitfire’s please!

What about team Antonov, Ilushkin, and of course, my food freind, Ivan’s Airplans

The last two comments above are great examples of why this shouldn’t be implemented on such a large forum. The GAC is a small forum, there’s under 75 of us (I think). With such a massive forum the workload would be massive, and as you can see above every airline manufacturer would need to be here, something that would be very hard to please everyone.

Nothing against the two guys above me, it just strengthened my point ;)


I would choose any manufacturer but as they say, this might be from low to zero chances of happening.

I would choose Boeing anyway

Also, this forum wants to prevent the Boeing Vs. Airbus stuff. Although a great a idea this is, it may stir up some unwanted rivalry as we are supposed to be 1 community, not split in 2’s or 3’s.

I believe if this is implemented, moderators must manually grant the badge for the user. With many new users joining the IFC every day, it’s going to be hard to implement this.

Also I believe this should be under the topic of features 😄

No, this is not a feature to do with Infinite Flight, so it belongs to #meta instead.


Ahh okay, silly me my mistake 🤪

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