Airplane lights

Hello Everyone!
I’m playing the game for a few days and i’ve got a Question.
What lights to use lights During parts of the flight?


Nav and Beacon (Or strobes if no beacon) prior to start up, and taxi
Strobe and landing prior to entering the runway environment
Landing until 10K and below 10K


In addition, be sure to take a look at the Infinite Flight FAQ and the many tutorials in the #tutorials category. Inside the “Ground Procedures” section is a topic regarding the usage of lights.


And dont forget to vote for features which you want to see in the game, such as;

NAV Lights are turned on when the aircraft is receiving any sort of electrical power. Obviously we don’t have that in IF, so I just turn them on once I spawn in.

Beacon lights are the red lights on the top and bottom of the plane. These indicate that the aircraft is moving, whether under it’s own power or not.

Strobe lights are used once entering an active runway and remain on until you are past the hold short line at your destination.

Landing lights are used once you enter the runway and until you reach 10,000 feet AGL. Once you descend past 10,000 feet AGL, turn them back on. Turn them off once you get past the hold short line at your destination.

Some GA aircraft do not have an option for the Beacon lights.


That’s wrong buddy, you use the beacon to signal the aircraft is moving whether that’s under it’s own power or not. So prior to pushback with engines still awaiting start for example.

The question has already been answered too, so no need to continue supplying repeated information :)


And day flights.

That’s incorrect.

False information.

You clearly don’t know what you are talking about. Instead of spreading false information, look at the link Chris sent above.

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Sorry, I was saying what I knew and I thought that was correct. :(


@Altaria55 has pretty much nailed everything down.

One thing I would add, since I worked on a cargo ramp. Is that NAV lights are on when the aircraft is receiving any type of electrical power. So whenever a GPU (Ground Power Unit) is hooked onto a aircraft, the NAV lights are to be turned on. This is also the case when the aircraft is running on its own internal batteries or power supply.

Now in IF it is a bit different. Really you would turn those on when you spawn into the aircraft and have not configured anything. Just to let others know that “hey, i’m here but i’m not ready to do anything” if that sounds correct. Beacon is when the aircraft is moving, whether on its own power or not. Strobes & landing lights are for when you enter the runway. Landing lights should be turned off when you are above 10k ground level, not sea level.


Yes everyone covered it. If You have any more Q pm me

To add onto this everyone - should Nav lights (and all other lights obviously) be turned off once a flight has finished and the engines are shutdown?

@SebastianF this was all stated above by @Altaria55. No need to restate the same thing :)

Oops sorry I did not read probably hah sorr

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@alphabravo6 like I said, NAV lights are there to show that a aircraft is electrically powered on. So most aircraft on IF, that do not have live instruments, are already powered on and can’t be “turned off”. On aircraft with live instruments, example the XCUB, you have to turn on the instruments. When the instruments are turned on then that’s when you would turn on NAV lights as well.

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