Airplane gone

Why in my casual server other airplane is gone? Please respon


Try turning “airplane count” to high in settings. Maybe your connection to server is bad?

What to do if you can’t see any aircraft

This is most likely because they’re not downloaded to your device.

Go to Settings in the app, then select the “Live” tab. Adjust the “Airplane count” to an appropriate amount

IMPORTANT : The higher you have the airplane count set to, the more performance demanding on your device.

Also, if you are using cellular you need to make sure to have “Automatic airplane download on cellular” checked!

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Hi there @Ibnu_Prasetyo,

It seems to me that if you can’t see any other aircraft present on a live server, then either you’re in a very quiet area of the world on the live server, you do not have a high enough airplane count to view all aircraft present, or you’re experiencing some connection difficulties.

If you look into the top right of your screen, you will likely see a status symbol. Is this red with an explanation mark? That could imply you’re having difficulties connecting to the server. If you click on it, and let us know what it shows, then it might be able to help us out in diagnosing your issues.

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