Airplane go zoom - Punta Cana and Toronto Airplanes

airplanes go zoom

Since it’s been a loooooong time since I’ve been on a plane, i went all out. Here’s some photos from 3 of my 4 recent flights, aboard 2 787-9’s, and a 777-200, as well as some photos from Toronto Pearson, and Punta Cana International.
(please dont use my photos for anything without permission).

Turning into Toronto for a late night arrival aboard AC’s 787-9.

The late night whale at Toronto Pearson, a little while after arriving. This photo was taken at 8000ISO while running to try and get our bags to clear customs for our connection flight.

American Airlines holding while we taxi passed them, with the sunlight creeping back behind it :)

Window views above Toronto, from both landing and the next day departure.

While waiting for departure out of Toronto, this Star Alliance 777 was pulling into it’s gate next to us.

Finally, we have the Big dipper, shortly before landing in Toronto.

If I feel like it, I may make another post with some more. Hope you enjoy these!


Airplane go zoom


did i say that the top window shot was a 2" handheld? 😲

These are nice! Awesome photos!

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Wow these are great photo’s

Thank you!

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Can confirm, airplane go zoom.

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Amazing editing

Thank you!

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What camera are you using?

Canon RP, with a 24-70 f/2.8

Dang I didn’t know how much I missed your excessively edited and yet somehow still amazing photos.

Well done sir, awesome photos! The first one is incredible!


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I meant to say edited. 💀

I am dumb.

I hate the Star Alliance photo, looks so fake. But the rest I am happy with :)

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he meant to say airplane go zoom

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Amazing shots! Great work! Very unusual ways of photography, especially that A380.

Plane does go zoom.

Nice shots!

These are really cool edits!

Thank you! Just got lucky while we were running to catch our connection, haha

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