Airplane Froze Mid-flight

Hello all,

I’d like to report that the airplane I was flying on a redeye long-haul yesterday just somehow “froze” a third of its way to the destination.

I took off from Toronto as usual, little traffic, and ascended to FL330. The flight was uneventful as it made its way eastward to enter the ocean, headed to Greece. I went to sleep just as it was near Moncton. When I woke up, I saw that the device had been messed with (more on this later), but just recently-so up until the morning the plane should’ve been flying just as normal. Unfortunately, it hadn’t, as it only flew for about 30 minutes before “pausing” 3 miles off the coast with the ocean, near Saint John’s.

Νow, when I mean “messed with”, I just mean that the device was physically moved, and the app was closed for 25-ish seconds before being reopened to the pause screen.

Just to knock this out as well, as usual, I did lower all the graphics, FPS to 30, brightness and volume down, and I made the captain camera look at the seat.

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200LR
Callsign: Air Canada 896 Heavy

Important Times:


Departure from Toronto.


FL330 reached.


I go to sleep-airplane flying as usual.


Airplane reaches Saint John’s where it stops progressing.


Device was very briefly controlled by someone else.


I woke up, saw the flight’s progress, and recalibrated to be back on track.

Your cat or dog is smarter than you might have thought!

In all seriousness though, Infinite Flight has no control over what happens on the user side as far as manipulating the device. Maybe it’s possible you rolled over and hit it or it fell off the bed or nightstand. There isn’t much we can do about that.

The device was definitely manipulated, as you said, for that short period of time right before I woke up; however, I don’t think that explains why the plane froze for about 6 hours. I was flying very slowly and all, but even with my speed the sim estimated that I’d be 2 hours from arrival when I woke up. It wasn’t anywhere near me (or anybody, really) either, I just put it down on the floor about 3 meters from my bed.

I’d be more than happy to provide a replay, I’ll be sharing it up here once the plane has been landed (ETA: 2024-06-15T19:45:00Z).

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The flight stopped because the app session was paused when the device was moved or got a forced notification (which IF has no control over). Hence, an app pause eventually kept the aircraft from moving any further along the flight plan.

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I got the same issue once. My plane was frozen mid-flight in a long-haul flight for a couple of hours. I live alone and I was sleeping at the time. I don’t know what happened but it came back to normal as I restarted the app and resumed my flight. I think my internet connection was stable that it shouldn’t have happened. I really have no idea on why it happened.

This happens to me occasionally, on Apple devices it’s iCloud notifications (especially if you log out of your Apple ID on a second device or something) and battery warnings.

I guess it’s the forced notification thing (I’ve been getting a lot lately, mostly for some “Cannot Reach Server Identity”), although, I’ve also gotten some of them during a daytime flight when I’m with the device, and during the notification the plane usually keeps on going as usual.

Yes most likely. It’s bitten me a few times as well.

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