Airplane food - Should peanuts be banned on planes?

In this incident, a boy suffered an allergic reaction on a Singapore Airlines flight after peanuts were handed out and allergens spread throughout the cabin. And @Maxmustang, no-one in particular was a peanut in this case, but you might award Singapore Airlines with the peanut trophy. I think peanuts are one of the worst snacks served on airplanes… they’re so salty and dry - just plain disgusting overall. And of course, they are an allergy risk. What is your opinion on airplane food, or peanuts in particular? Should airlines ban peanuts and other potentially harmful foods?


It should be mandatory to serve a beer with the peanuts…

But in all seriousness, I understand why this is brought up. Peanuts can be nasty business for those allergic to it. Just opening a bag of peanuts near them can cause issues. I do believe there is some kind of preemptive medicine for it though? Something that should have been taken before the flight… Peanuts on a flight is pretty standard.


I am bit surprised about the story. Generally if someone has a peanut allergy my experience is the cabin crew make an announcement to that effect, state they won’t be serving nuts, and ask other passengers to refrain from opening any packs of peanuts. I wonder if the parents had said something to the cabin crew on boarding?


Yeah it’s nasty to think the boy was affected by the allergens spreading through the air. I’m not too sure about a medicine though… and it probably wouldn’t have been accessible to staff in the air.

Not too sure about that either. The parents might not have been aware of the normal procedures - they should’ve said something when they were being served, but they might not have thought much of it. I’ve never heard flight attendants asking if anyone has an allergy before serving nuts.


Talking about peanuts in SIA flights from rumours on SQTalk, Peanuts are planned to be removed as part of the cost cutting. In my opinion, removing peanuts won’t be a huge deal for most of the passengers. I would rather to eat crackers than peanuts actually


That’s great to hear. I’ve also had cashew nuts, which were served on Thai Airways. They were alright, but of course a risk to allergy sufferers. If they pose a risk, they should be banned. The airline shouldn’t want flight attendants dealing with allergic reactions on flights so they should follow through with the simple fix of banning all nuts onboard.

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My best friend is allergic to nuts, and yes, I think they should be banned. They aren’t exactly essential (tho necessary with beer) and can be extremely dangerous. When flying over the Pacific you could be hours away from the nearest airport and minutes can kill here.


If peanuts are handed out and if you are allergic to them you should say “no, I’m allergic to them but thanks” they shouldn’t be banned in my opinion. If you are allergic to peanuts then you say no thanks, if there are chemicals or ingredients inside the peanut that you are allergic to then you should ask the flight attendant or as some airlines have on their website, when you choose your food you check out more information about the ingredients incase you are allergic.


That’s not the problem. Read the other posts.


I have read the other posts, how is that not the problem? Aren’t we talking about peanuts and allergies?

The problem was other people were eating peanuts and that was enough to set off the kids allergy. The child was not served any peanuts.


Obviously not well enough.

You don’t have to eat them to experience problems. It’s enough just having someone pop a bag filled with peanuts 5ft away from you.


Try not to blame Singapore Airlines for this. Soooo many airlines have peanuts as snacks during flights.

Otherwise this topic is quite interesting

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So it wasn’t really Singapore Airlines fault

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Besides Singapore Airlines, there are many carriers that also serves nuts such as Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways (Thanks @anon31652286 for the info). I’m sure there must be some peanut allergies incident on other carriers, but they aren’t reported on the News media


This is there fault. You choose to EAT the peanuts. That’s why the kid had an allergic reaction. So no.

The boy was apparently never served peanuts

That is true @Domenico

I have to say that being severely alergic to peanuts since a very young age has never affected me and i am very grateful for this and i have taken lots of flights and i have never been affected. I think this is due to the fact that i have always refused but i suppose that it could affect someone with the circulation of the air within the cabin like this boy. Therefore i believe that it would put a lot of parents, children and peanut allergie sufferers if they just banned them on flights.

An interesting point on this topic is when i was travelling on a recent easyjet flight the cabin crew announced that they would not serve any products with nuts in them due to a passanger who had requested this to happen!

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Is it too much to ask to:

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