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So today i come to yall with a feature that would be VERY realistic in infinite flight fir all of you commercial pilots. Now, there is another topic but the last reply was in August of 2017. So let me explain how this will work. So when you hit system a button with FMC on it will appear. When you click it it pops up on your screen, and you can move it to your liking and change the size to your liking. The first screen will be the “home” screen. You will have all the buttons on the sides that when you tap on them it opens to the menu for what it was beside , then you work your way through the menu. Here are some of the menus I think we should have.


CHECKLIST(for infinite flight)

That is all i can think of rn. So if yall think of anything let me know and I will look into it. Thanks for reading.



If the FMC was modeled through the CDU, I think it should match the real plane, not made up menus.


Well, it wouldnt be the best if we had one but we had non useful actions.

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Everything on the FMC of the real plane is useful, that’s why it’s there. I’m not talking about things like the mx test pages.

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This is a really good idea; I mean that it would add a touch more realism into IF!

I see where you are coming from however the cockpits are not completely animated so you could not preform everything ie. checklists for specific aircraft, though that is something which I hope that IF is working towards, more animated cockpits in aircraft.
Have a nice day!

Btw, nothing against you @Ryan_Vince, just giving my opinion. However, you have a right to your say ;P

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Unless it’s a new plane like a 787 or A350, the checklists are not even part of the FMC.


Love it. We need this badly! Hopefully it can run SID/STAR/ILS VNAV calculations and speeds.


Yeah I get what you mean.

At its most basic, it would need to be able to do:

-Route input including departure, arrival, approach

Performance Calculations
•Takeoff PERF: V1, VR, V2 etc per flap setting as well as takeoff thrust settings (aka not max power right off the rip when autothrust is set for higher speed.
•Approach/Landinf PERF VApp/Vref per flap setting as well as Idling at 30’ (as auto land does already)

•Selectable Climb PERF/TOC Calculations: including VS and selected speed Calculations (pitch for speed/SRS, climb power setting, altitude/speed constraints
•Descent PERF: Including most of the above calculations for descent (idle descents, FLCH speed descents, crossing altitude and speed restrictions etc)

It’ll need a flight director and also be coupled into the autothrust and autopilot for appropriate speed settings/navigation etc.
•In this sense, the auto thrust and autopilot would need to be smoother-if a takeoff power setting is established and then you rotate airborne climbing out, then the next speed constraint is say 230kt, it’ll need to command your pitch somehow instead of just jamming the throttle full forward like it does now on a higher speed setting or yanking 25* of bank to change a waypoint.

At the moment @epaga’s excellent IF-A app is the way to go for VNAV and such. But I absolutely love this idea


i love it agree we should have that and real buttons to i hope we get them

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yes we should get them, I hope

I like the idea of the fmc 2 because it will help on a flight with the flight plan as well

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what app please tell me

I suggest this should only be implanted in Expert Server, since you shouldn’t expect some new IF users know how to use a FMC.

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Will have to agree here. There should be the PERF INIT menu, POS INIT menu, Route, STARs and SIDS, etc

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It’s In Flight Assistant-made by the IFC’s very own @epaga

i really like this idea and will make IF feel even more realistic, I also think this will make you spend more time at the gate setting up your aircraft, and not just setting a flight plan, push back and go

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Maybe the FMC will be modeled onto the A-350 as a working thing when you set your route it shows setting it as a live screen.

I simplified FMC could work and maybe optional for those who feel confident in using it and for those who don’t feel confident using it


You have my vote!

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