Airplane engine parts fall over Broomfield, CO

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United Airlines UA328, B772 heading to Honolulu had an engine failure just a few hours ago. The plane engine exploded and the parts fell over neighbourhoods in Broomfield, CO 10 minutes after takeoff from Runway 25 at KDEN. No injuries reported so far!

Passengers report hearing a loud bang after departure and the plane turned around immediately and landed safely. 238 people on board, no injuries!

Check out the story here:


Glad nobody is injured, that could have been much worse

Low-key wouldn’t mind having a front right nacelle in my garden though, that’d be a pretty cool ornament.

Another testament to aircraft safety in the fact with half an engine missing, the remaining half violently vibrating the wing, the aircraft still managed to land at Denver.


That is definitely scary stuff, wouldn’t want to be on that plane! got an article on this as well, including some pictures. Incident: United B772 at Denver on Feb 20th 2021, engine inlet separates from engine, engine fire
Based on the pictures, some were lucky they weren’t in the wrong place at the wrong time - wouldn’t want to go out to the front lawn and see an engine part, although it’d look pretty cool I suppose.


I’d keep it there. A souvenir from United.


It’d make for a nice BBQ party.


Yeah just heard.
Here’s the video of the engine after the explosion:


Thats a crazy video man. Happy birthday btw

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Insurance: your house got hit by a what?

Glad everyone’s okay.


Today is actually my 2nd year IF anniversary, not my birthday :)
The explosion is pretty huge, it’s amazing how it is still in one piece although on fire. Very lucky that there’s no further damage to the fuselage (as far I am aware) but definitely it’s some kind of uncontained engine failure


engine parts will be on ebay next lol. not something i would want to land in my garden though lol.

lol funny indeed. not the actual event, which im sure was scary for some.

My good friend Hayden got excellent photos of this incident. With his permission here are a couple of the photos.

On another note this sure has rattled the Colorado aviation community and really all of Colorado. Glad to hear that no one is hurt so far!


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Man, that homeowner got really lucky. Think: 10 feet further to the right aaannnddd…that was a nice living room you had


The replacement flight has just departed Denver for Honolulu

This replacement is (ironically) operated by N773UA, the aircraft that had a similar engine incident from SFO to HNL in February 2018.


smh they should of paid for the “engine in one piece” option when they bought their tickets

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I actually saw this plane arrive from ORD today before continuing onto HNL. Pretty surreal. I left just before the plane departed to HNL but my friends caleb and Ben got shots of it taking off. Then my friend Hayden got pictures of it overhead during the emergency.


That sounds like denver. It’s snowing again right now, so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone calls another emergency.

I’m sure United is going to be like offering a lot of these people free/discounted flights and whatever, but I’d just be like “I won’t won’t ask you for anything, you don’t bother me, and that stays where it is.” 😂

I guess the NTSB is going to have to take it for investigation, but maybe one could negotiate just a little tiny piece.

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One step ahead of you Tyler 😘
Bro I wish I was there cause then I could’ve seen all my Denver boys in one day 😔 Excluding the emergency, y’all got to see Her Art Here, Star Wars, some SWA specials, and more which made for an ok day considering the circumstances.