airplane crashes but no crash sign

ok so whenever I fly the Airbus 320 in Amsterdam and I have created a senerio where I crash I hqve been noticing whenever I crash the airplane it doesn’t say crash it just pops into the air and doesn’t ever say CRASH! I have test flown several different aicraft under the same conditions and everything and the only aicraft that did this same exact thing was on occasionlly the B747-400 and the B757-200 and of course the A320 and once in a blue moon the A321

Did you nose dive? If you did then it’s beyond a crash.


I tried it from every angle it seemed to not crash in the 70-90 degree angle of desent

Well it doesn’t matter too much because you shouldn’t aim to be crashing 🌚


…as our glorious leader @MishaCamp mentions why do you deliberately create a scenario where you crash? Unless you are trying to practice unstable flying and stall recovery?

I like to do test flights and see if there are any glitches or bugs or anything like that in the game I know its not my job to do that I I like to do it anyway

yes I do test that too

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