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I was just wondering how airplane count works in Live. What is the furthest range at which you can actually see an aircraft and what is the maximum number of aircraft that can be on-screen at once (as in the aircraft itself being visible, not just the box and aircraft details)?
Also, Would I be correct in assuming that Internet quality plays a part in the number of aircraft shown? I’m in Spain and the number of aircraft on screen appears to be lower than it is when I play at home in the UK.
I thought about putting this in the ‘support’ category, but I judged this to be more of a question than an issue, however I apologise if that was poor decision making.

There is a setting that controls how many planes you see.

You usually won’t be able to see airplanes farther than 10 miles away, because of the standard 10 sm visibility. How many you actually see depends on your device’s capabilities and whether you have aircraft count on low, medium, high, or very high. On older devices, having it set to high or very high can cause major lag.

I actually can’t really see airplanes till I’m with 5nm of them

Yes, I don’t mean that. I have it on very high and at busy airports can still only see about 5 aircraft. An aircraft may be taking off on a runway less than 1nm from me and I can’t see it.

I have an IPhone 6S, which is quite powerful and experiences no lag on live with all settings as high as they go. But I can’t see some aircraft which are less than 2nm from me on the same airfield, and as I said in my previous comment I assume it’s down to my less than ideal Internet connection whilst I’m on holiday. It’s just one of those things that’s annoying me a bit, but it may be back to normal when I’m back home.

That’s probably because you already have too many planes rendered based on your devices capabilities. If you want to see that plane, use your free camera to get close and then let it load for a few seconds. once it loads you will be able to see that plane, but another plane you could see before will disappear. This is because infinite flight already takes up a lot of memory and needs a lot of RAM. This feature helps your game run smoother.

Really? Isn’t the 6S one of the more powerful devices available? Oh well, I guess I’ll stop playing this game then.

i have the s7 edge, which has a faster processor than the 6s. i also don’t see every single plane in the map. This is no reason to quit such an amazing simulator. The devs work hard to add everything we want and make the game the best they can FOR US. You are being very stubborn and arrogant, not seeing a few planes is no reason to just leave. If you want to leave, i can’t stop you, but you don’t need to announce it here.

No, leaving was a joke. I’m an idiot really, because I let little things like that ruin my enjoyment unfortunately.

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Sometime i dont see aircrafts until i am too close…and it occurs when in busy airport or if the server is too much loaded…in some cases i see them and when you pan your outer cam view they dissappear…cant complain much with the low end device that i use…now what i do is zoom the map and see if there are aircrafts around that i dont cut through or hit them because all aircrafts are seen on map😃

This doesn’t make you an idiot. Just learn to appreciate what you have, nothing is perfect. Each thing has both positives and negatives. This is a small problem that might be fixed some time. Till then keep flying and enjoying.

Safe landings ;)

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Thanks. Sorry for coming across as rude. I think I read somewhere that the developers are working on improving the way aircraft are rendered so that more will be on screen at once. We shall see 😀

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It’s not crashing into them that’s the problem for me, as aircraft which are relatively close to me load fine. It’s just aircraft which are a certain distance from me.

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