Airplane count on iPhones

When I set my Airplane Count to very high on my iPhone 5s, I usually see around 7 airplanes. So I was thinking about upgrading to a newer iPhone. But how many airplanes are visible on an iPhone 6/6s when it’s set to very high?

I think if you want to see all it must be on Very High.

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Yep I meant very high. On my 5s, I still see a lot of empty boxes. So I wondered, how many planes do you see on the 6 or 6s?

Do you have live or live plus. If you have live and this is your first time using it then it is downloading the aircraft in the background.

I’m not new, nope.

Hmm sometimes I have this problem too even though I have live+ it might be because they are far from you.


I haven’t used my 6 in a few months since it broke but I’m pretty sure I was able to render more than 7 other planes. I also didn’t get much lag at busy airports.

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I am using 6s. Set very hight count of planes. But i can’t see all planes of airport. About 6 or 7 of the planes i can saw

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