Airplane Count causing App crashes (please read the topic for information)

Hello! Unfortunately I’m having an Airplane Count issue, every time I join a crowded airport, when I put on free camera or whatever camera that shows outside the aircraft, it crashes by the number of airplanes that the app show me.

The solution I found was to put it the airplane count on “none”.

Just wanted to report this here bcs this never happened to me, always used the Airplane count on “Very High”

Hope you guys understand, thank you.

(If this is a known issue, tell me. I’ll delete the post to not disturb Mods and Devs)

What’s your device your using?

Hello! iPad 6th generation, iOS 14, that’s why I think that issue is a bit weird for this device

Because of 20.2 airports are crowded with very high detailed 777s instead of the usual variety, so that might cause IF to need a lot more computing power that it have previously used to when there were a lot of low and high detail planes. I’d suggest either lowering your airplane count or graphics settings in busy airports until the 777 hype is over

Maybe, just a bit surprised, never had this before, even with the 772

When 3 aircraft types are reworked it generates more interest and more people fly it, although there were some support topics about lag during the first weeks of 20.1. I’ve checked the server stats by aircraft and it seems like whichever server you look at half of the flights are with the power hungry 777s.

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I guess no flights for a few days lol

No need to quit flying completely, lower your graphics settings and you should be fine even in the busiest and most 777 filled airports

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Do I have any chances of getting my airplane count to high again? Maybe the hot fix?

I use the same device as you (iPad 6th Gen) and have encountered the same issue. Turning the count to medium has resolved this for me.

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