Airplane count at busy airports

If I turn airplane count to low and I can’t see other players does that stop lag at busy airports?

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Somewhat, however I would not advise going to a busy airport with a low airplane count. You can accidentally taxi into someone you don’t see and get reported.

OK I could use the map but would turning airplane count to low stop lag then?

It might not stop the lag, but it should help with it.
Turning the graphics down will help as well if you haven’t done so already

Turning your airplane count to low would mean that less planes are rendered on your screen. As such the amount of RAM used by your app to render these airplanes would be decreased, and depending on the capability of your device, it would aid with your user experience.

Generally, the lower your settings is set to, the less demanding it is on your device.

So let’s say lhr (egll) my game usually lags when there is about 6 people or more on ground turning airplane count to low would that solve the issue?

Generally it should, given that less planes to render would essentially mean that it’s less demanding on your device.

what device are you using

Players can still see you right when you count is low just need to double check?

This depends on their device’s setting. If they’ve set it to low or none, chances are, they can’t see you. Conversely, if they have it set to the maximum, it’s entirely possible that they can see you. There’s no sure answer on this question to be entirely honest.

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