Airplane count after release of 19.1


1st of all great work this new release, the replay makes me addictive lol, I can concentrate on my flight or our events and can check everyone’s and my landing or other details after the flight / event.

Nevertheless, I really hopped we would, with this release, be finally able again to see a max amount of aircrafts. For me personally it’s very frustrating seeing a full airport on the map or LiveFlightApp something like this:

and then seeing only a few (max12) aircrafts with the free/tower cam…:

Is there for anything planned? Maybe giving the possibility to set the max amount of aircraft, so we could set the amount depending on our device!?

I really hope we could have that :)

Thanks in advance!



12 aircraft being shown at once has been pretty standard for a while. The higher end devices have been able to show no more than 12 aircraft at any given moment. As aircraft get reworked and improved to the developers current standards maybe we’ll see changes. They added Level of Detail (LOD) last year and I’m sure that’s part of their long term goals.

Hey Ronny,

What device you using?


An iPad 2017(I think it’s generation 4!?)

With the newer iPad’s the most aircraft you will see for now is 12. You have to take into account that these higher detailed airports along with higher detailed aircraft that have been released since Global can be demanding on RAM. That’s the battle and balance.

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I agree with you here. I’m using an iPad Pro 10.5. My device should be perfectly capable of handling more than 12 planes. It’s a shame that the full capabilities of a device can’t be used. The game would look so much better if you could see all planes around you and if you could increase the rendering distance.

Maybe IF could add some “Experimental Settings” in the future where you could set a higher number of planes to be shown as well as a higher rendering distance but on a users own responsibility that there might be some lags.


Sure, that’s why I think, giving the option to the users to set a max amount, which let their device support well, could be a good option.
I think Laura could tell us more about it:)

Great Photos :)

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Thanks Ronny. I’ve moved this from support as the app is performing on your device as intended. Again, I do believe that the developers have a goal with aircraft counts but implementation takes time, consideration and coordination. Cheers

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LI made a post as I’d like Laura to respond to it so everyone sees it and doesn’t ask again, otherwise i would have pm-ed her ;-)
Except she has already answered to it and I don’t know it yet!? 🙃

“I want Laura to answer this post” is the equivalent to “I demand a parley with the manager!”

You can’t except here to answer something on this community. Don’t get me wrong, as written by myself earlier I agree that a higher plane count and more experimental graphic settings would be great. But we can’t force developers to answer a request even though their view of things would be interesting of course. But that’s what moderators are here for.

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I use an IPAD Pro and have the same issue. Would be nice to be able to choose the settings yourself as to what device you’re using.
This is only a small thing as this simulator is amazing in every way, and far out ways all the others. And to have the detail we do now on a mobile device is still incredible.

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Jason’s blogs with the devs are actually great for inquiries like yours. If you read them again there’s some elaboration on the techy side of things with the app and then the live stream on Tuesday also provided some insight as well. I’d give the blogs another look for some good info.


I think whether I didn’t express myself correctly or you got me wrong. That’s not what i wanted to tell. :-)