Airplane cockpit lights

After performing a ton of long hauls I feel that every cockpit has to have some sort of lighting around every component. It doesn’t make any sense that only A319’s and some other have cockpit lightings; I’m a very biased guy but preforming long hauls in the dark doesn’t feel right. There has to be some sort of shine in some cockpits to give it a realistic feelings.

Dim lights?

I believe that almost every aircraft carrier should be equipped with ‘dim lights for the cockpit and economy class and so for’. With dim lights It provides us as pilots more light and give us a good vibe.
Dim lights help pilots for night approaches, and are quite essential and been long awaited.

4 Stages of dim lights, that should be added to IF LIVE/SOLO.

1.No lights (help for approaches, night rating)
2. White Dim Light
3. Yellow light
4. Both lights.

This should be the after effect with dim lights, and cockpit lights give us as pilots a more realistic feeling.

Feel free to take this into consideration as if everyone is awaiting this feature to be added in not all but some more airplane cockpits.
[ Personal suggestion, feel free to comment ideas or message me ]

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You might wanna put this under the features section.

Will do, thanks in advice!


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