Airplane Cabin Ambience White Noise Sound for All Aircraft

Hi !

Today I stumbled upon this video with Sounds for relaxation about aircraft, I liked the noise we should get this in Infinite Flight. It’ll make it so realistic especially for when flying at night it’ll be calm!

Heres the link! Please take the noise at cruising as an example!

Oh yes. Then I won’t have to ask Alexa to play random plane music and just turn the volume on IF all the way up!

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Would it be muffled to simulate it coming throught the flight deck door?

Yea that’s what id like! :)

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it already is muffled, it shouldn’t sound any different in different parts of the aircraft (with the exception of engine noise)

the main ambient noise is the sound of air passing on the outside of the aircraft, so it shouldnt matter where you are, as long as the camera is inside the aircraft. The current sound packs are dated, and don’t allow for much dynamic noise, which I assume is what the OP is talking about

perhaps with the future addition of more interiors, this could become a reality

Sorry but what does OP mean. New to the IFC

original poster

I thought it was the cabin noises. e.g. passenger chatter, service trolly carts in galley, safety video/announce, etc. Sorry if I misunderstood.

ah i see what you mean, yea that would be pretty cool if we had interior wingview cameras

Video looks alot like Air Baltic :^)