Airplane bug Amsterdam airport

This happend always on Amsterdam only in the front of the plane
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Place EHAM Amsterdam
iPad minnie 1. The small iPad
Only on the parking if I stand still

Does the bug only happen at that stand? I wouldn’t know since I am never in the Amsterdam region.

Yes only in the stand and pushback
If I drive forward it doesn’t happend

What parking stand does it occur at or does it occur at every parking stand at the airport.

Any parking or only in certain parking?also it’s aircraft specific or happen to all aircraft?

Only this aircraft
Any parking on EHAM

I just checked and had no issue. Must be something with your device. Is your software up to date and your memory ok? It could just be that your memory was low and you just needed to close some apps. This is the only thing that I can think of.

Here is some sample pic from IPhone 6. I tried different parking but everything looks fine.


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I got the iPhone 6 too :D

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Yes I try It but now it’s oké

I mostly fly the A380 and EHAM is not the only airport where this graphic problem can happen. So it seems not to be a problem with the aircrafts. I did not find out until now why and where ist happens but I see it not soo rarely… it depents on the view angle that’s for sure.

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That’s really odd. I really do wonder what exactly causes these types of bugs though. It really fascinates me :)

Sounds similar to this