Airplane bobbing during descent?

i was descending into HKJK today in a B777-300ER and when ATC told me to level off at 9,000 ft (@190kts) the plane began pitching up and down very violently. I decreased my flaps to 0º and it still did not help. As i began to my final approach (from 8,000ft and 165kts), the plane suddenly entered into a stall and crashed.

I read on the forums that this may have been a glitch with the aircraft and wanted to know if I approached wrong or that this was in fact a glitch? I have done numerous approaches with the aircraft and have never had this problem before.

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Were you too heavy?

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You were heavy and nearing a stall on both occasions

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I was below the MLW

What aircraft were you using?

Boeing 777-300ER

I might be wrong, but 165 knots @ 8000 is a bit slow for the 777-300, that could be why it is bobbing.


How was auto throttle? If it’s pretty crazy than I think it will have something to do with that.

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You were likely too heavy to be safely flying at the speed the controller assigned. Not really your fault.

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I think so but HKJK is at 5300’ so i was at ~2700’ AGL. I think i forgot that i was supposed to land at a faster speed at higher altitude.

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Auto throttle was all over the place.

I think so, also forgot how high HKJK is, i had to land at a faster speed given the airport is at ~5300’

You were probably too heavy and it was too much for autothrottle to handle therefore it sent you into a stall because of your weight is what I’m guessing.

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I know this problem… When it happenes you have nothing to do but decent manually

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In future, if this occurs again, disable a/p. The aircraft is constantly trying to adjust to the settings you have put in but is struggling due to its weight and speed. If you hand fly you can get very stable, once stabilized try re-engaging the Autopilot. See if that works 👍


That same thing happened to me with auto pilot on with the F-16, it kept bobbing very violently and I soon I turned auto pilot off then it stopped.

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Thanks for all the help! Really appreciate the feedback!

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