Airplane Altitude

I was wondering how high i am supose to fly on flights longer than an hour on a 737-900er?

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Hey! They can cruise up to FL410. It all depends on what your N1 and the length of the flight. Weather, winds, etc can also be huge factors.


It depends but I normally fly anywhere between FL280-Fl370 but they can go up to FL410

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Anywhere between like 310-370. Remember odd going east and even going west (there are exceptions but this applies in most of the world).

Pretty sure it’s not limited to fl370, I see quite a lot of them above fl380 right now on FR24…

Just don’t forget the even/odd west/east (semicircular) flight rules:


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thanks, what is that 28,000ft. - 37,000ft.?

That correct FL280=28,000 it’s the same for any FL=flight level.

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thanks sooo much!!

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It’s not, but due to IF quirks you would have to be really light (like with a low pax load) for FL380 to be worth it.

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