Airnorth Embraer 170


Callsign: Topend

Airnorth: Airnorth is a regional airline based in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Airnorth was established in 1978 and started commercial flights in 1981. By 1997 Air north was an established airline, with a small fleet of Fairchild Metroliners and Embraer 120 Brasilia aircraft. In 2007 Airnorth introduced its Embraer E170 aircrafts. Airnorth now operates a diverse fleet network with their aircrafts as well as 5 Embraer 170 jet aircrafts.

Route Network:
Northern Territory

  • Alice Springs
  • Bootu Creek
  • Darwin
  • Elcho Island
  • Gove
  • Groote Eylandt
  • Katherine
  • Maningrida
  • McArthur River Mine
  • Milingimbi
  • Port Keats
  • Tennant Creek
  • The Granites
  • Cairns
  • Toowoomba
  • Townsville
    Timor Leste
  • Dili
  • Melbourne (Tullamarine)
    Western Australia
  • Broome
  • Kununurra
  • Perth
  • Truscott

Fleet of Embraer E170 Aircraft:

  • VH-ANO
  • VH-ANT
  • VH-ANV
  • VH-ANF
  • VH-SWO

Why should this be added to Infinite Flight?
Infinite flight does not feature a diverse range of airlines in Australia. In addition there a very few liveries for the Embraer E170 aircraft. These liveries are based off of European and airlines found in the United States.
Since this aircraft serves vital operations for small towns in the top-end of Australia, it would be very interesting to fly to smaller regional airports with unpredictable tropical weather. This would consequently expand a more diverse range of routes in Australia with an airline based in the top-end of Australia.

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I love the idea and the description, but I ran out of votes. How about you put a poll asking if the want this in Infinite Flight.

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That’s all good, not a very well-known airline, I’m sure however most of the Australian people on this forum will know.

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No Please no, that’s not how you request something because when voting (for the poll), you got nothing to lose. But when you vote for the request you got something to lose.


Okay, but I have seen other people do it. Sorry.

I love that livery and logo so much, reminds me of Ansett. It would be the most amazing thing to fly alongside a Virgin Australia E190 once it is reworked! Also they fly to such scenic places ;)


Yes! Seen Airnorth many times in the NT and WA, and would love to fly it in IF!


Such a beautiful shot against the background
This livery is a must when the E-jets are reworked.


Bumping this topic, we need this livery

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I agree, although I find it interesting that an airline called Airnorth is based in one of the southernmost continents/countries on earth. It also reminds me of Republic Airways. Overall, a good livery that would be worth the work on the E170.

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I gave @Brisbane_Aviator permission to bump before anyone starts jumping on him. 🙂


Haha thanks @DeerCrusher and very sorry for not seeing that other topic :(

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Mate why would you bump a 2 yr old post! Nah I’m kidding lol, it’s a beautiful livery and stands out nicely next to the harsh sands of the NT


Deer gave me permission

I know ;) Just a bit of tongue in cheek


Would be great to have this. If there were ever to be an embraer rework, I’m sure this would be at the top of the list for new liveries

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Not the Canadian Air North… :(

Still pretty good livery to have!