Airnico_9962_on_YT's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello this is my ATC tracking tread. Please give honest feedback on how I did and how I can improve! That’s for viewing and helping me along my journey.


I’ll bombard your airspace soon ;)

Dropping by. Nice airport choice btw

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Thanks alot!

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Cool airport choice, but its a good idea to pick airports with parallel runways in the future 🙂

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I’m coming :)

will do the next time!


-Transition altitude was… very low. It must be 3500ft. To calculate the transition altitude: Airport Elevation + 2500ft = Transition Alt. Then you round up to the nearest 500ft. In that case, SAWC’s elevation was 668ft; 668ft + 2500ft= 3168ft. Then with the round up: 3500ft

-A clearence on base could be considered late. Try to clear the aircraft on downwind, even on crosswind.

-You cleared me to land after I reported “full stop”, however, that wasn’t needed, since I was cleared for the option (which allows to Full Stop, Touch And Go, Low Approach, Stop and Go, and even Low Flyby)

-A late exit runway command (40kts). Try to send it at 70-60 ground speed for jets.

Great job today! Keep it up

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thank you very much for all the feedback. I will do better next time. Thanks for taking the time to stop by!


Feedback - LYVA002

On the ground:

You cleared me for taxi when you should’ve cleared me for pushback. A common thing that people will do is request taxi when they should be pushing back. Make sure to check the aircraft type and the gate to make sure that you really do need a taxi or push back at the gate.

Not sure why you extended the upwind of N743CC. It’s better to use speed commands rather than pattern commands to navigate aircraft if you can. While you did use our maintain slowest practice speed for me, I’m not exactly sure why you did that as at that point, it wasn’t needed as I was already “swapped” positions in the pattern with @IF787.

Also, make sure to check the altitude of aircraft in the pattern. I was flying at over 3,000 feet. Passenger aircraft should be in the pattern at 1500 feet above airport level. There’s a command to tell aircraft to the center the pattern altitude. Use that if needed!

Something else that caused confusion was that you didn’t do any sequencing in the pattern. Make sure you sequence all aircraft so they know in which order they should be lined up in. Me and @IF787 were very confused, As you told him to extend upwind even when he had enough room to continue in the pattern, and you told me to slow down. By sequencing, we will know in which order to land.

The clearing for the option was also a bit late. You could’ve cleared a little bit earlier. Usually you should have cleared me on downwind.

When clearing @IF787 to land, you cleared him for number two. In this case, he should be cleared for number one, since I had already passed the threshold of the runway.

At one point, I stopped on the runway. To get me to exit the runway, you should’ve given me a runway exit command. Instead, you gave me a back taxi command.

So yes, there are some significant things that you are going to need to work on in future sessions. Make sure you’re using the most appropriate commands in order to streamline the arrivals and make it much less controlled by you. Even though you are the ATC, aircraft won’t crash into each other in most cases, so you really only need to use some of the commands that you use in some dire situations. You definitely have some ways to go, but I definitely see plenty of room for improvement and I wish you good luck and I hope to see you at another one of your sessions (hopefully with parallel runways) soon!

Happy buttering! 🧈

Let’s try that aging shall we 🤧🥱

Thanks alot. Thats was alot to read. I will do more pattern entry instructions during patterns. Thanks for stopping by!


Yea you just disconnected lol

More like stalled to my death 💀

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oh lol I didnt even see

Hey! I was N473CC. I will give my feedback a little bit later (in around 15min) have to do something real quick

Thanks alot for stopping bt!

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Feedback: M-SMXY

Basic controlling understood. Things to work on:

  • Sequencing
  • Transitions

Above all things I think you should do a thorough read of theATC Manual before you open again. Get the main basics down then we can get to the tougher more technical parts of tower controlling.

Best of luck!! Tag me when you reopen!

Thank you ill look through it right away! And ill make sure to tag you

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Alright, here is my feedback (N473CC):

  • good ground control, no issues there for me

  • no issues on takeoff clearance

  • you told me to extend upwind when I was already on crosswind. There was no real reason for this, I had ~4nm spacing with the plane on downwind, and pilots are supposed to maintain appropriate separation in the pattern. If you wanted to really make sure there was space, you could have issued me an adjust speed command or extended my downwind later in the pattern.

  • As a result of me extending, Zac and I had separation issues. What you should have done was extend LYVA002’s upwind, and call his crosswind once there was appropriate separation.

  • Sequencing, there was none until after the separation conflict. Make sure to be proactive in sequencing, so pilots do not get confused on who they are following.

  • Good job on calling a go-around for me

  • when someone is already in the pattern and you clear them for the option, you do not need “make xxxxx traffic” every time. This is only used if the aircraft is entering the pattern.

  • Not sure why you told me to enter left downwind while I was on left downwind, maybe a finger slip?

  • late clearances in general. You should be clearing aircraft at the latest on late downwind. I received my clearance on base 2/3 times

  • I received no exit command nor a back taxi command on my final pattern. In fact, I did not receive any message until after I back taxiing half the runway. Make sure to send an exit rwy/back taxi when the aircraft is around 70/80kts

Overall, you got some basics down, but I suggest reading up on the manual, especially on sequencing 🙂

As far as to this point, I would say a back taxi, contact ground when off the runway would be appropriate, as you were past the taxiway at midfield (meaning you had to back taxi)

Yup that’s what I said