Not sure if this should be in screenshots & vids

Guys and girls, just a heads up, when you are descending into an uncontrolled airport, always make sure to keep an eye out for other traffic around, such as GA like myself haha!

My time in this sim almost just came to an abrupt end, thankfully my awesome aerobatic skills saved me just in time…


Should pilots tune into Unicom at an airport they are passing near by? Maybe these situations could be prevented because small ga aircraft would be aware of larger jets approaching the airport.

See and avoid


@calsy2311… MaxSez: Unless Under positive Control In regulated airspace GA routinely fly VFR (Visual Flight Rules) where the Pilot is responsible for separation under VMC conditions. In this case since all IF aircraft have cockpit radar repeaters with a TCAS mode you can’t blame the fat bugger on this one. If the liner was danger close it’s aircraft symbol would have turned red Warning on yr radar. If you went unaware caused by yr failure to scan yr the goat not the fat guy. PILOT ERROR!


That’s a really important issue especially with the LiveCockpit not having any traffic displayed unfortunately. Always remember to check the map for traffic regularly! Thanks for highlighting this issue.

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You can turn the map on (HUD MAP)
I don’t do that in the C172 though, prefer it the visual way. The white square does the job anyways.

Well, if it’s a long turn this isn’t really that great (for situational awareness) in my opinion. Always a challenge as using the HUD map is somewhat taking the love cockpit feeling away.

I know I saw it and avoided it

I had the hud map up and it’s only when the 350 appeared on there did I notice it

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I agree.

Man, you could’ve ended up like the Disaster over San Diego

A Cessna 182 crashed in a mid air collision with a PSA Boeing 727-200

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There’s only so much you can do on an iPad sim haha but don’t forget an A350 is MUCH faster than me so he could be 5000 feet above me 10nm away and suddenly half a mile away descending right past me, another thing I didn’t mention is he was going into LGW and was still 30 odd nm away at 5000 feet

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@calsy2311. MaxSez: The only real danger here is. “Wake Turbulence”… Caveat Emptor, MaxSend

If the aircraft is flying through uncontrolled airspace then yes they have to tune into the unicom. However, if they are above the airspace’ higher limit then it isn’t necessary to tune into the unicom.

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