Airman Missing After Plunging 1,500 Feet From C-130

A Staff Sergeant has been missing for a few hours after he took a 1,500-foot plunge from a C-130 during a training exercise.

According to the New York Post, The airman was training around 1:45 p.m. Tuesday when he plunged out of the C-130 aircraft and into the water, the US Coast Guard told local station WEAR.

Others on the plane saw the airman’s parachute deploy and reported that he was treading water, according to the Coast Guard.

When the C-130 made a turn to pick him up, they lost sight of him, officials said.

The airman was not immediately identified.

More details will come as the story develops.


The USCG virtual is also working on this case in IF… Very interesting though to see something like this my cousin graduated basic training not even a week ago but yeah very interesting this is.


@USCG_Virtual Ready the cavalry!

Interesting to hear. However I doubt it was him. As this was a staff sergeant.


@Mattheus it wasn’t him he has not yet got his base or been stationed…

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I hope they could find this man. Would be terrible if they could not find him

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Probably a presumption he is dead. Burial at sea.

Yes, most likely. But I hope they at least find they body

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