Airlink Embraer E190 (New 2020 Livery)

Airlink Embraer E190 New Livery

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About Airlink

Airlink is a small carrier based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Airlink’s main target market is underserved and smaller airports and hubs around southern Africa. However it has expanded into the mainline routes of South Africa and beyond. It has 60 routes to over 50 destinations! In 2021 it is the second largest carrier in Africa by number of flights offered.

Where does the E190 fit into the fleet?

The Airline currently has 16 E190’s in their fleet making it the second largest in the fleet behind the ERJ-135. The E190 operates to basically all of their destinations excluding a few which are operated by smaller aircraft.

Infinite Flight reworking the E190 and why this is needed

With the announcement of the Embraer E190 rework coming, I think this would be a absolute stunning livery to have to explore more of Southern Africa than other carriers!

If you feel the same then feel free to drop a vote on it!

Definitely voting for this. Airlink is already the largest airlines of Southern and Central Africa. Serving large hubs and small towns throughout the continent, Airlink has an ever-expanding network of over 60 routes across 50+ destinations. They became the second-largest carrier within Africa by number of flights, and third-largest by number of seats earlier this year!

The airline also collaborated with Embraer, even established a training centre at their HQ in Johannesburg, making Airlink one of the most important Embraer operators in Africa.


Beautiful tail and sharklets ✨


They are! Such a gorgeous livery


Given this a vote for sure! Having already flown many Airlink routes in IF in the generic E190, I can definitely say this livery is much needed. Not only does it essentially serve the majority of commercial airports in Southern Africa, but also flies to some interesting destinations such as Saint Helena. Very much looking forward to flying this once the E-Jets are reworked (hopefully!)


Thank you! It is indeed a much needed livery. I cannot wait for the day to come where I can explore my home country in this new livery!


Giving this a bump!

They fly to St Helena?

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Yep! In fact they were the first airline in history to fly scheduled commercial services to St. Helena.

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