Airlines Withdrawal form TXKF as Bermuda Announces its first 2 Cases of the Corona Virus

Sadly Bermuda will be loosing the majority of its flights as American Airlines, WestJet, BA (after march 31st) and Delta announces that they will be canceling all flights to Bermuda until further notice.

American flied to KJKF and KMIA daily and KLGA and KPHL weekly.

Delta flied to KJFK, KBOS (KATL is staying for the meantime)

BA flied to EGKK 4 times a week.

West jet flied to CYYZ 3 times a week.

Air Canada and JetBlue are the only airlines left the serve TXKF and I see them also pulling out in the foreseeable future

This probably means I’ll be quarantined soon and I f you are in Bermuda you should try to leave ASAP before JetBlue + Air Canada suspend their flights to.


Keep this in mind…

Very unfortunate to see all these airlines pulling out ☹️

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Oops forgot about that, guess this has to be closed. @Chris_S

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Pretty sure Air Canada just cut Bermuda.

Air Canada intends to continue to operate a limited number of international “air bridges” between one or more of its Canadian hubs and the cities of London, Paris, Frankfurt, Delhi, Tokyo and Hong Kong from April 1 until at least April 30. This will reduce its international network from 101 airports to six.