Airlines that went out of business or merged with another?

Do you guys know any airlines that went out of business or merged that you know of?
(Southwest bought AirTran)

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us airways and american? i don’t really know i just think so


American Airlines bought out us airways I believe

yes! i was correct!

Alaska bought Virgin America amd one I think someone correct me if I’m wrong and they merged together

virgina america?

Aeroperlas Regional (extinct Panamanian airline) founded in 1977, third largest airline after Air Panama and Copa Airlines. Went out of business in 2012 due to some safety issues in some old aircraft (Short 360 and Twin Otter), aggressive competition by Air Panama when they introduced the Fokker 70 for make regional flights more efficient and faster and economical problems. Aeroperlas was part of TACA Regional, a subsidiary of TACA Airlines (now Avianca El Salvador).

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United merged with Continental a few years back.


i think EVERYBODY knows that!


So does anyone know what happens when airlines merge? Like does the former CEO of US Airway’s still work in a similar position at American Airlines?

Canadian and Air Canada.

SAS and Braathens.

Continental (Merged with United Airlines)
America West (Merged with U.S. Airways)
U.S. Air (Became U.S. Airways, later merged with American Airlines)
Northwest Orient Airlines (Merged with Delta Airlines)
Eastern Airlines (Merged with American Airlines)
TWA (Merged with American Airlines)
Braniff International
AirTran (Merged with Southwest)
PSA (Became U.S. Air)
Piedmont Airlines (Went out of business then was resurrected, now a subsidiary of American Airlines)
Virgin America (Merging with Alaska Airlines)

Their fates might not be accurate, but that’s what I think happened. Let me know if I’m wrong.

Northwest Airlines is the proper name, they never officially changed it to Northwest Orient.

It used to be called that a loooonnnggg time ago.

This is all I can think of. There are others out there likely. I forget who Hughes Airwest merged with, who AOA merged with, who the original Frontier merged with

Delta vs. Pan Am
Delta vs. Northwest
Delta vs. Western
Your example
United vs. Continental
Continental vs. PeoplExpress
US Airways vs. America West
US Airways vs. Piedmont
Pan Am vs. National
American vs. TWA
American vs. Eastern
American vs. US Airways
American vs. Reno Air
American vs. AirCal
American vs. TCA -transcarribbean
TWA vs. Ozark
Southwest vs. Morris
Southwest vs. ATA
AirTran vs. Valujet

There are too many out of business airlines to bother mentioning.

Yes, but it was never officially changed.

Pam Am!

Or bankrupt is the same thing?

BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation) merged with BEA (British European Airways) in the early 1970’s to from British Ariways.

The USA has had a ton of consolidation recently as opted above.

After 9/11 there were some notable acquisitions like Air Canada taking over Canadian and Qantas absorbing what was left of Ansett. Others like Sabena, Swissair, and TWA saw their ends too.

It’s kind of sad really. As a kid I would love being at DEN and seeing the tails of America West, Northwest, US Airways, Continental (even though that tail/livery still exists,) Mexicana, and Air Tran taxiing around. Hopefully more new airlines will come into existance.

Usually one CEO will remain, and the other will find a different high up job, or get boatloads of cash and leave the company. Whatever happens, they get good money from the merger.

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