Airlines that have transformed BUDGET - PREMIUM/P-M

Just wondering about if there are many airlines that used to be premium/budget to budget/premium. The only one I know of is Virgin Australia, which used to be budget and now is a more premium airline, as a competitor to QANTAS.

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Yeah, Virgin Australia used to be Virgin Blue

BA is becoming more budget I believe so is Lufthansa

They suffered from some strikes too, right?

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Lufthansa Group in its entirety did

I think there prices are a bit more budget but they are still quite exoensive for a lot of flights compared to EASYJET and Ryanair but they just keep their prices competitive, their aircraft do seem more luxurious as they have leather seats now and Iā€™m sure the service will be far better

Southwest is more in the middle now with their prices compared to Spirit, Frontier, or Allegiant. But, with Southwest you get to pick your seat (free), print your boarding pass at the airport (free), 2 bags (free), carry on and personal item (free), and other free stuff. So it does come with perks of you have stuff with you and care about where you sit.


JetBlue is meant to be budget, but it feels more like premium. Does that count?

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