Airlines of the Caribbean

Hey, this is my first time posting a suggestion so I’m sorry if I did it wrong:/
I really love Infinite flight and love the diversity of the airlines that are available for us to use, but there is one region that isn’t really represented. Many airlines in the Caribbean have fleets that are not yet available on Infinite flight but still there are airlines with aircrafts that are already on IF. It would be really cool if some more Caribbean airlines could be added to IF. Under are some examples of what could theoretically be added.( The pictures are not mine, owners are written under the pictures). To summarize the Caribbean really does have some beautiful liveries and would be wonderful contributions to the infinite flight community.

I am aware that air Jamaica does no longer exist
And that the 737-800 of cayman airways is no longer apart of their fleet ( have a max now) but it would still be really cool to have them. :)

image image image 4105071

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Here is a good article to read:

This one as well:

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