Airlines Map

Click on the top left icon (to the left of the ‘Airlines’ text) to see the selection page. Toggle on/off airlines in Left Panel. (Some airports may have more than one airline on top of each other). There are some inaccuracies in the data in as much as FR24 has certain flights still listed yet they are permanently cancelled.


Very cool info, thanks! I’m always stuck wondering what airlines are from where, and the airport they operate at.

What am I looking at?
And why isn’t Delta in Atlanta


Yes I’m confused as well? What is the purpose of this post?

Hi, russian here. Delta airlines haven’t flown to Russia since at least 2018, and before that they only flew to Moscow Sheremetevo

Those are codeshare flights, likely operated by partner Aeroflot.

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Same here, delta havent even flown to Birmingham

OK I will delete it then.

Hey, that text on the map is in Polish!

If you are in Poland, the map will show in Polish. It uses local language.

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I’m… confused to say the least.

Oh, my bad, I thought it was a photo

About the so called inaccuracies: due to COVID I’d rather have a outdated version.


I need to tell you that Bergen aren’t in Hordaland as when 2020 begun they took together many regions and Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane is Vestland now

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Nice info!

There are maps for every country. The date shown is the date when these were completed in our repository. Just click on the map of the country and follow the link to the airports.

Oh I see, this is a map with all of the airports :o

US Map: is what I’d recommend, you can look up airlines in the “Airlines” tab, and then click on an airport they’re scheduled to operate to/from in the next 7 days. These include both hubs and spokes, if an airplane with the airline’s name is going there in the next week, it will be listed. This also includes contracted flights such as those operated by regional airlines.