Airlines Downunder | Info Thread

Hello Community!
You might have heard of my little info series called Airlines Downunder. This is a central / main thread for all of the threads of the series! Read below for the info!

Airlines Downunder is a series of what you can call a brief summary, fake rant and umm… an educated topic I guess eh? Anyways I bring you atleast one topic every week and usually try to cover top aviation news of the season / month. Please don’t take this as a hater topic against some aspects but some of my topics is just a summary of main facts of the feature being summarised!

Airlines Downunder

Series One:

A380+ Future Seeking - Airlines Downunder | Why the A380+ is going to end up like the 747-8i

Leasing Aircraft - Why do Airlines lease Aircraft? | Airlines Downunder

Comfort VS Time - Comfort VS Cost! | Airlines Downunder



From time to time this will be updated with requests! Yes, you can request a topic where I either compare something or summarise another thing. I am currently taking requests for the next topic! Comment below for what you want me to talk about! Cheers!


gorsh darnit i thought this was a tv show lol


Please tell me I’m not the only one when looking at the title thought ‘Australia aviation news’…


I was thinking it was something to do with Australia. My first thought was “what’s this about Qantas and jetstar?”


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