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This is weird and before you say google it i would like to get it from other avgeeks and trusted community members.i am considering applying for a debit card but i want it to be an airlines or alliance card so i can earn miles.i have already checked out american and delta’s card but i am looking for more.
Any reccommendations.(Does not have to be a US airline)

I know that almost all major airlines have some sort of credit card I’m not sure if airlines use debit cards but you say you have seen Americans credit card, I believe that can be used on more airlines within Oneworld, not just that airlines but I will fact-check myself on that. Even the low cost carriers have some sort of card to get miles.


I do not know of any major airline that has a major debit card, all I know is that most of them have major credit cards

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like this one ? image


Yes airlines have credit cards. The reason being is that they get money every time you use it, so they give you miles in return. This doesn’t work with a debit card, so they don’t have debit cards.


The Delta SunTrust Bank Debit Card 😏

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SAS has one it would be cool to fly with them?

Thanks for your credit info 😂

American by far has the best credit card/mileage program. Normally a 50k-75k sign up bonus, and this is CRAZY important because 50k miles is enough to fly round trip (for 1) in first class, from LA to NY!

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