Airlines asking to join SKYTeam

Multiple va’s asked about this KLM, Aeroflot, Alaska. Simplify make sure you have more than one member. Then send me a short paragraph about your airline, and why they will join SKYTeam.

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The SKYTeam Virtual website already has our logo on it.

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So here is the largest VA Alliance members list
Delta Air Lines Virtual
Southwest Virtual
Saudi Virtual Airlines
EasyJet Virtual
Alaska VA
Korean Air
Ryan Air

KLM/KLM City Hopper
Air France Virtual
Aeroflot VA

Please @Delta_Virtual Lemme know if there are more!

Yes, I still need a para, but you are clear to join.

Ok I sent it via PM

I already sent you a paragraph for KLM and Air France in a PM

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I sent a full paragraph for Northwest Virtual.

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