Airlines and Airport Terminals

Hello everyone!

I just have a few questions and would love to know your guys response about how you create the most realism in Infinite Flight when it comes to parking your specific flight at your departure airport or arrival airport.

We all know that airlines park at specific terminals when they arrive or depart from a location, I was just wondering how you guys know where to park your flight to make it most realistic.

I try to use FlightRadar24 to see where the previous flight parked, but depending on their coverage, it’s not always accurate.

Let me know how you guys do this down below!

Happy flying.

Hey mate! I know for a fact, that some flights do have the gate/terminals that they park at, all on Flightaware. It sure isn’t the best one out there, but it gives spot on aircraft parking for a lot of flights. You can check it out here:

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Flightaware is quite good. But, you might runinto the same problem you do with FR24. Otherwise, you could Google “where does example airlines park at example international airport”. For example, I will do it now…
Search: where does britisj airways park at heathrow
Result: British Airways operates from LondonHeathrow Terminal 3 and Terminal 5,

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Exactly what I was thinking. I usually search the exact term up too, but yeah FR24 can give some inaccurate taxi trails, so I recommend you go with these.

I always use Flightradar24, but places like South America, parts of Mexico, and parts of Asia can be quite choppy due to the amount of radar coverage in the surrounding area


if i can’t figure out the terminal from Flightradar24 I just go to the airport on google maps and type of the airline’s name a pin will drop on the terminal. Also sometimes I just open google and search for example
“Oman Air terminal at Munich”
“Which terminal is Oman Air at Munich?” is good for gate numbers - and is more reliable than FlightAware

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