Airlines Add Special Superbowl Flights

The big 3 airlines of the United States have each announced additions to their schedules to cater to those wanting to get to the Superbowl. The Cincinnati Bengals are playing the Los Angeles Rams in Los Angeles. United, Delta, and American have added a few CVG-LAX flights on a few dates around the games as follows:

Thursday, Feb 10th: CVG-LAX

  • Delta Air Lines (1x - 737-900ER)
  • American Airlines (2x - a321-200)

Friday, Feb 11th: CVG-LAX

  • Delta Air Lines (1x - 737-900) (1x - 757-200) (1x - a321-200)
  • Allegiant Air (1x - a320-200)
  • United Airlines (3x - 737-900) (2x - 737-800)
  • American Airlines (1x - a321-200)

Saturday, Feb 12th: CVG-LAX

  • Delta Air Lines (2x - 737-900ER) (1x - a220-100)
  • United Airlines (1x - 737-900ER)
  • American Airlines (2x - a321-200)

Sunday, Feb 13th: LAX-CVG

  • United Airlines (1x - 737-700)
  • Delta Air Lines (1x - a220-100)

Monday, Feb 14th: LAX-CVG

  • United Airlines (1x - 737-700) (3x - 737-800) (1x - 737-900ER)
  • Delta Air Lines (1x - 737-900ER) (2x - 757-200) (1x - a321-200)
  • American Airlines (2x - a321-200)

These flights are interesting. They dont have an equal amount of flights on both ways and Allegiant doesnt even have a return flight. The flights are also extremely expensive.

These are prices for CVG-LAX on friday the 12th. Oneway is over $500. Crazy.

What are you guys thoughts on these flights? Exciting for those who live in Cincinnati but not affordable for many people even with flights with a stop much cheaper on the same days.


Well if you are already going to the super bowl a $500 flight is the least of your concern. Even the cheapest tickets to get into the game run in the thousands and good seats can be in the tens of thousands. For everyone else, probably just not a good weekend to be coincidentally taking a vacation to LA lol.


True I guess but the tickets with like 1 stop are like $300 so you know…

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Them tickets are like $500 for these nonstop flights from CVG-LAX. And on Delta Flights, tickets are around $1,100 going from Cincinnati to Los Angeles

And why is it the return from LAX-CVG on the 13th when the Super Bowl 2022 is at 6:30 PM ET (3:30 PM PT)? It would be better going back to Cincinnati on February 14 since there are 11 flights. That carries more football players from Cincinnati for them to head back. They could spend a night at a hotel and get some sleep instead of them going to the game and then flying back late because there might not be a flight back to Cincinnati that runs very late just in case the game lasts for more than four hours.

Its a super late flight, I dont know why people would take it but if you needed to be home for work it could be a viable option.

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Yeah, and they will not have enough sleep. Imagine having to go to bed very late and getting up very early for work because of the Super Bowl. It would be better if they would take a day off work on Monday, letting their boss know, while leaving the Super Bowl, and just fly back to Cincinnati on Monday

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