airliner stalling question

Someone was talking to me about an airliner stalling an airplane. Apparently when you reduce the power it does not change for 7 minutes or something then it changes. Well an airliner had to reduce a lot of speed and they got distracted and after 7 minutes the airliner stalled (sorry if the description is not the greatest). my question is does anyone know the airline and aircraft? The person would not say and I am curious.

Some what hard to follow along here but I’ll try to answer the best I can.

First of all an airliner is just another term for a commercial jet aircraft that does nothing but haul passengers.

Next although in an airliner it does take a second for the throttles to respond to input it is not even close to 7 minutes. 3-5 seconds at best. So if they stalled it took them 7 minutes to completely run out of speed to create lift.


I mean any plane will stall, you won’t know what until he says. And the speed will change immediately unless you are at unrealistic alts or speeds.

he said the with the throttle input from the throttle input to stalling was seven minutes. and apparantly nothing bad happen.

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There have been several instances of autothrottles failing on airliners. This is easy to miss on some types as the failure isn’t obvious. If you’re in the descent then the throttles will be closed anyway. If you then level out the speed reduction is fairly gradual and if you’re not paying attention it’s easy to miss. So from time of failure to stalling could be a number of minutes but the speed reduction doesn’t actually begin immediately.

Could this person you were talking to mean something like that?

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