Airliner engine sounds, do you have a favourite?

Over the last days I’ve done a few flights in the 737, the Q400 and of course my much beloved Spitfire and the F16. Today I flew the new 772 with the new engine sound pack. A few thoughts crossed me mind…
Do I really think it sounds this great; I mean, does it sound that much better than the original sound of the airliners? I wonder what the community thinks. Maybe I should ask them.

So here’s a simple poll; would loved hear from you.

What is your view on the sound packs for our airliners?

  • I find the original sound the best. Let’s keep it. Don’t like the new one much.
  • The new 772 sound pack is awesome. Let’s switch to that.
  • I think both the original and the new 777 packs are both fine.
  • I think IF development needs to keep looking for better sound packs for the airliners.

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Who knows, the votes above may help our developers to make some decions.

Thanks in advance for your votes and thoughts.


Generic engine sounds are terrible. Considering they’re from the 737 or something, the engine packs for the 777 family should be on only that the 777 family, not other aircraft. As Aircraft get reworked the engines should get new sounds and not just one sound.


It sounds like it belongs in this thread:

Keep in mind that the B777-200ER is at real as it get. They got that sound pack from real life. Hope to see all airplanes having real life sounds!

Big letters; but I still disagree. It’s a poll, looking for feedback from the community.


Have you tried going into an empty room all quiet with headphones on full (max) sound and starting the B777-200ER?

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I love every sound pack, except a few improvements are definitely wanted on the jet airliners. You don’t want to listen to the default Boeing 767 sounds on an Airbus A320. I just hope for the Infinite Flight team to improve this, and which they already are, especially considering the new Boeing 777-200(ER) GE-90 Engine Sound pack. Even though there is only one engine pack out of the other three, I am more than happy and my experience flying it is so much better.

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I agree, headphones make all aircrafts sound more realistic. I see that with the Q400, the TBM, the Spitfire and all little props.

It’s just that not all changes are for everyone an improvement and the results of the poll so far are quite interesting…

No because the sound will murder my ears

I think they should add more realistic sound on the other aircraft as well (A320,A330,…) But I was really impressed by the devs to add such a nice sound for the 772. I personally also enjoy the engine sounds on the Dash 8 Q400.

You can vote for that here!

Just imagine flying 737 with 777 engine sounds… lol

I do personally love the new 772 soundpack. It needs to be added to some other aircraft in the sim, but their are also some aircraft with such distinct sounds that need to be added (the 757 hum, a320 toga noise, etc.)

I agree! Because I mostly fly short to medium hauls I often grab the slower Q400, really because I love the sound and the fact you can taxi to parking on one engine

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I like 777 sound

The 777 has great soundpacks, but they shouldn’t be on every aircraft. That said, there are aircraft that should switch to them, as they have similar sounds. In the sim, those aircraft are the A340-600, A350-900, A380-800, 747-8i, and the 787 family. For other aircraft, the current sounds are a better fit, although we could certainly use some new packs.

I love the 772 (in real life and Infinite Flight)!

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