Airliner Checklist including APU

Hello dear community,

Since the last lifestream of the IF-developpers we know that the reworked Boeing 777 will have APU. In order to be prepared for that I have updated my checklist including APU, NAV and several other changes (previous version shared in May 2017).
Previous version

So, here we go:

Note: The checklist is based on one for the A320 and has been adapted to be useful in IF.
I am aware that there are a lot of CLs on the forum, but I thought due to the new features it would make sense to provide one including all recent and around the corner novelties, especially for those who don’t use third party apps providing a large variety of CLs as well.

Suggestions for improvements are always welcomed.

Happy landings



Nice, but it was never “leaked”

Wrong use of words I guess, or did I misunderstand something?

Yeah, wrong use of words. It was confirmed, not that it matters that much ;)

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Alright, glad to not have spread false info :)

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Thanks for changing it!

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Awesome checklist I think I will use this everytime from now on! Though what’s an ECAM memo? Is it sorta like warnings?

Thanks for the feedback! It stands for electronic centralised aircraft monitor, a system of Airbus to show aircraft functions to pilots. In some cases it also shows failures and procedures to deal with those. I included it because I mostly fly the A320-family, but if you don’t fly an Airbus I’d suggest to skip the ECAM line and go through the items underneath line by line.

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Hi thank you for your amazing checklist. However I can’t understand why the APU should be turned off after the pushback and not before?

  • Sorry for my English I am French

For those who have foreflight you have checklists for every plane go More>Checklist>+ sign in top right. Then find the aircraft you are using. It only has GA aircraft but they are much easier to use than others


APU is turned off after pushback, since the aircraft needs a constant supply of electricity to run. This electricity is powered by the APU, and the engines. To turn off the APU aircraft need their engines on to maintain power. Engines turn on during pushback/pre taxi.

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Ok Thank you !

And another question that means: to data / Misap PSD / MDA DH. Thanks a lot for your answers

There are plenty of free 777 checklist online

MaxSez: An APU on an or all IF airframes. Ok, innovative!

But! The dits and bites necessary to Program this useless accessory with ground power available at every Drome is overkill. The Fly for Real thing does not hold water on this one!

Discard this abominable feature, spare these spare bits and bites for something that Enhancers infrastructure Taxiway Lights, RAILS or even a Laura stick figure guide for Push Back Sayin “MonBack” ! (💬Ground Power Cart?)

MadMax Sends

Thanks for the feedback! Misap PSD is my abbreviation for missed approach procedure. If you are using a real instrument approach chart you’d fly the procedure described on the chart, or you fly the general IF procedure which has recently been published on YouTube. Important: If flying on expert server with active ATC fly the IF version on YouTube and always follow ATC instructions!
DH means decision height and is used for precision approaches (ILS). It is the altitude at which you as a pilot need to decide whether to continue the approach or fly a missed approach. If you don’t have the RWY or approach lights in sight at this altitude, you’d fly a missed approach.
MDA means minimum decent altitude and is used for non precision approaches (VOR, NDB, RNAV etc). It is the lowest ALT you are allowed to decent before having the RWY in sight.
All values are published in a table on instrument approach charts.


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