Airline Work views!

Hello everyone,
Today I will be sharing some Interesting work views of what I do as a CUA agent for my company. These pictures will be a lot different from what you have seen and what one might expect. Fill free to ask questions in the post below! The first 2 pictures were from today! We had a 0600 flight today so we had to be there super early!
The first picture is from the Ticket counter 1.5 hours prior to departure and the second picture is from our bagroom where I was at today!


The thing that interests me, is how the car got into the building.

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The door can probably extend fully open and they get in through there I believe not fully sure @N1DG can confirm if he knows. Underneath a world that most passengers never discover , but N1DG reveled the secrets 😏

@ThomasThePro TBH I have no idea how the car got in there…

Front entrance? Automatic doors can usually be removed.


I’ve seen it done before, they usually turn off the Emergency alarm and open the sliding doors outwards which would usually trigger the alarm.

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