Airline Work Experience

Hello IFC.

So my school requires pupils to do work experience at the end of our Grade 9 year.
So what have I decided to do?

My stepmom is friends with a pilot who flies for Mango, and he organized a day in the cockpit of a 737-800 for two flights.

I will be flying from FALE - FAOR/FALA (I do not know yet), and then FALA/FAOR - FALE, I will also be going through the many process that have to happen before a flight, such as the crew briefing at the Airport.

Now as this is supposed to be a learning experience for me, I need to write a report back to my school after I have completed the experience, this has to include questions I asked, highlight of the day and many other things.

Now here’s the special part.
Infinite Flight has inspired me to be a pilot when I grow up, and I wanted to give back to everyone in this community, so comment any questions you’d like me to ask and I’ll reply with their response once I have completed.


Where did they get their education? How much did it cost?

What do the airlines look for. For them to hire you @Josh_Tomaz

Lucky! We would never be able to sit in a cockpit during a flight here in the US.

Do they like the 737, or would they rather fly a different aircraft?

I got a question.
“What made you want to go to Aviation?”

It was an amazing experience! I got all of your questions answered and will post their answers later along with videos and some photos!
But here’s just one photo!

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