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Okay, so you know how if your aircraft is too big for an airport it won’t let you spawn there? Well I was thinking of something having to do with different airline terminals. For instance, if you wanted to fly in a Delta 717, you would have to spawn in a certain parking spot so all Delta liveries could be in one place, just like in real life. I’m not sure if I explained this right, but if you get what I’m saying, I think this would add to the realism of IF. Also, somebody in another post said something about fixing people spawning on top of other planes. There should be a warning like the one that says “Aircraft too big for airport”, and it should say “There is another aircraft parked in this spot!” or along the lines of that.

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Basically an a380 wouldn’t be able to park in a a318 spot? Am I right? That would be a good feature


Logic for example.

Don’t fly a 747 into LGA. A 737 into 21W, etc. Look at the runway length of the airport and the taxiways and think, can the plane take off here? Can it in real life? Can the airport handle the long, 4-engined wings of my aircraft?

Then you should be fine. Good to know some tech specs on the a/c before flying it :)


good idea wrong catigory>

Btw another could be “Aircraft to big for this spot” and vice versa.
I can’t stand seeing a380’s parked at the AA Commuter parking at LAX. It really kills me. So I totally agree with this all the way!


This would be a really useful feature.

I think something along those lines would be good. I think best way would be only allow your aircraft to spawn on a gate that is the correct size for it. EG a 747 not being able to spawn on a GA or gate designed for 737. Also being told if the spot is already occupied so you don’t spawn on top of someone else!


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3d buildings? i bet they could do that if they use Metal on IOS and android phones are already fast

I really like this idea!!!

In my opinion, since IF is catering for a wide variety of pilots with differing tastes it would probably not be feasible to achieve synchronized gates per airline. This would require a lot of maintenance if this were even possible. If people wish to ‘imagine’ that certain gates were restricted to certain airlines, this would be be done via a series of maps created to help define the ‘rules’. Recognize that these rules could never be reinforced especially as many of the people who use this app have a free spirit and would always try to find ways to defeat any enforced programming. This being said, you may be aware that I have been posting png files which exactly reflect what files are being used in IF. If someone would like to use these and mark them up with airline/liveries I can send you a copy of the powerpoint files I use to create these files. You could then mark them up and post in your respective Virtual Airline sites.

The png files are currently being housed in a wiki site

Let me know if you are interested.

Absolutely a great idea, but I give it zero chance of happening. Nothing ever gets implemented from this features forum, and it’s full of really good and useful ideas.


Think of what is being asked for here. It is NOT practical. Right now I can choose any plane at any terminal with the exception for no large planes at below Charlie airports. If I wanted to select an unusual situation I can. If this were programmed to disbar certain liveries at certain airport terminals then you have effectively prevented a user from the freedom of imagination. What is a simulator but a way to use freedom of movement and discover in a safe environment.

Now if Virtual Airlines would like to “recommend” which gates their members fly from I could help provide images for them to create this.

In summary don’t stifle people’s ability to choose, however if VAs wish to define start criteria for their prospective members if you would like my help just ask. 😀

I think rather than only allowing certain Airline Liveries to fly from certain terminals (I agree do not stifle peoples imagination!) it might be nice to see what size aircraft are suitable for each ‘gate’ ? whilst not restricting if you can spawn there it could help in picking a ‘;realistic’ staring spot?

I am sure that none of these ideas would be implemented into the live IF due to the immense workload this would create with respect to maintaining these files and the integration aspect. If you would like I could house a marked up copy of what you are looking for in my wiki site.

Have a look at one of the detailed sheets I have produced in.

Say for example EGLL Heathrow. Click on London then the link for EGLL then select one of the terminals of interest. You will see all of the gates which exist on the next iteration of IF update. This was produced using MS PowerPoint. To date I am faithfully reflecting what is in the database so users can see all of the spawn points.

I could produce a marked up version of these, color coded using PowerPoint to reflect these ‘rules’. This way there could be a separate collection providing this info. This could be done fairly quickly.

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Oh ya but it will limit the number of players…wait… ITS GONNA REDUCE LAGGGGGG