Airline Terminal Name

I think there should be a name on the terminal so pilots know that terminal is for that airline

For example having this say United Airlines image

What about TBIT at KLAX? Many different airlines operate from that terminal, so I’m wondering how that would be labeled?

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Say international departures only

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This looks similar to my topic I created a while back requesting basically the same thing.

It’s hardly possible to list every airline using a certain gate in the selection screen. Many airlines use gates of their alliances, Munich’s T2 serves mainly Lufthansa but also all Star Alliance airlines and partner airlines for example.


So T2 would say Star Alliance Members

while this would be amazing, it would be extremely hard to add into every airport necessary

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And that’s the problem: no, Etihad also flies from T2. I think you can’t really implement this feature as it’s really time consuming to always keep the database updated. But it’s not hard to make this feature come reality for yourself: simply check where your plane parks on Flight Radar and spawn there.


Or go on the airport destination website and look at where you aircraft with a certain airline parks at.

Or you can simply put your flight number in Google and you’ll 90% of the cases see which terminal and gate is used for that flight.

This wouldn’t work for some airports with multiple Airlines 👍🏻