Airline Terminal information

I got pointed out (quite rudely) once for using the wrong terminal at Frankfurt Airport flying a Lufthansa A340.

Personally I’m also annoyed at airlines using the incorrect terminal at major airports such as EGLL (Heathrow) or KJFK or KLAX.

Because of the incident where I was very rudely pointed out I now Google which terminal does (airline) fly from at which airport. Indeed at LHR it is quite easy to spot:

Terminal 2: Star Alliance, Icelandair, Aer Lingus and Flybe (not operating anymore)
Terminal 3: Oneworld except Qatar and Malaysian, Pakistan Intl, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, Delta, Biman Bangladesh and some BA flights
Terminal 4: Skyteam and all other airlines (El Al, Etihad and Jet Airways to name a few)
Terminal 5: Most BA flights and Iberia

It would be a pretty big database but for airports with many terminals it helps to know which terminal to park at to make it as realistic as possible. Only a few airports could be necessary. Airports such as Copenhagen or Vienna are helpful in the fact that non-Schengen gates are mostly wide body gates and vice versa so if you were flying Thai Airways out of Copenhagen at least you’d know that you’re in the correct spot because most of the wide body gates are concentrated in one concourse.

Hope that you guys take this into consideration!

You can find information via #ground-school or via wikipedia 😉


To be fair it should be on the app as well so that inexperienced fliers can choose the correct terminal.


I don’t think it’s really needed because flying norwegian 737 at LA can be very strange but no one will do anything for this person, everyone can fly any planes livery anywhere!


You could find this relevant information via FlightRadar24, which also points you the exact gate the airplane parked at, so this is not really needed.

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This should probably be more of a request in #general as this is not really the point of #features as it is not something the IF team themselves will implement, more a user as a third party app or website! And while I agree it is wrong to be rude when pointing something out, rather it should be done in a nice way it is probably best to not be included in the topic as to not cause any further upset and rudeness!

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Then someone will say ‘‘is this a feature request? feel free to create a topic in #features category.’’

But yeah this may sounds upset, but I don’t really think this needs to be developed, just a simple search in FR24 is enough. Those like to spawn wherever they want are still going to do so.


Indeed, and if it is really felt strongly about you can easily make a thread pulling together all of the airport guides under #ground-school:community-tutorials

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Flightaware most of the time tells you the specific gate and in some occasions not the gate, just the termial. If it doesn’t says anything, you can always google the airport and it will tell you all the airport info, including airlines and their terminals. I dont think this is something that IF needs but wont hurt either. But getting annoyed by where another pilots parked is pointless in my opinion.

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I just happen to like realism, and making airports in Infinite Flight look as similar as airports in real life seems pretty cool. I guess I do have a bit of OCD because at Heathrow (except during the pandemic) I would never expect to see an Emirates A380 at Terminal 2.


Biman Bangladesh now is back at its original terminal which is T4 at Heathrow. The reason why they were using T3 at Heathrow was due to Covid-19 and because T4 was closed but now back operating out of T4 at Heathrow

One thing I can point out for Terminals in LHR. Terminal 2 is all Star Alliance but they now also have LoganAir. Terminal 3 is home to Some BA Flights, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, Delta, KLM, and the rest that were mentioned. the rest is the same. However, because Copenhagen was Mentioned, British Airways Parks at the Non-Schengen Gates with the Wide Bodies. Gate C27 is where the British Airways Flights park at CPH. Here’s another Example. Phoenix Sky Harbor is home to 2 Terminals now because Terminal 2 is closed and all airlines that moved from Terminal 2 are now at Terminal 3.

Phoenix Sky Harbor Terminals:

Terminal 4: American Airlines, British Airways, Condor Flugdienst, Southwest Airlines, Volaris, and Westjet
Terminal 3: Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, Boutique Air, Breeze Airways, Contour Airlines, Delta Airlines, Denver Air Connection, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue, Spirit Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, United Airlines

Terminal 4 is also where the International Flights Park (Example: BA Flight 289 and 288 are at Gate B25 at Terminal 4) because it is where the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Port of Entry is for the Airport. All International Flights (from Germany, Mexico, and the United Kingdom) MUST clear US Customs.

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