Airline routes

I’m a perfectionist, and I like to do real life routes when I fly on Infinite Flight. Anyone have any cool routes that I should fly? Keep it within the US and Canada please.

Hello, the blog I linked below has some great resources to get started with to find your next flight!

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Ok. I actually just joined this community, and I’m not trust level 2, so I can’t do a lot yet, so I use the general category when I post. I’m not sure how long it’ll take to get to a higher trust level, but I hope it’s soon.

That’s all good! Welcome to the forum anyways! Below I also linked some handy beginner guides to the forum if you want to take a read. There’s no shame in learning and getting started here! We all learn here and get better everyday. If you ever have any questions feel more than free to shoot me or @moderators a PM.

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Ok Thanks!

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you can always check on Flight Radar 24, that is what I do. Unfortunately most flights are scheduled on the app because of the current situation but it is indeed an amazing tool. I’m just like you, I feel obliged to fly real routes

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